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Walleye Mafia Report for 6/6/2015
I made it back up to Door County this past weekend. I started Saturday out with a half day trip with a couple guys from Illinois. I knew that with high pressure, a cold front and a  north east wind, we were going to have a tough bite. My assumption was right. We marked a lot of fish but they had lock jaw.

 My trip didn't start until 6 a.m. but I wanted to see if I could get out early and find some active fish. I was fishing by 3:30 a.m. in an area that was holding what looked like some decent sized with. However, not a bite. When Chris, Bill and Joe got in the boat, we headed to another area, where we marked a ton of fish that were not interested in crank baits, crawler harnesses or live bait on a variety of different presentations. We did catch several gobies, which kept 10 year old Joe occupied but I was disappointed that I couldn't get a walleye in the boat before noon. That's why they call it fishing.

 I knew the night bite was going to to be better and took Paul out a little before dark. I targeted some of the same areas where we found fish during the day. They started biting around 10:30 and continued until I had enough at 3:30 a.m 24 hours with a short nap in between was enough for me.

 We caught our fish at night with Deep Huskey Jerks that were custom painted by Walleye Wacker Lures. The hot bait of the night was the "Barbie" paint scheme 20-30 feet behind the boards. Fish were biting in 8-17 FOW. Big fish of the night was 28" but most were between 19" and 24". I just wish I could have talked the morning group into coming out on a night trip instead. Maybe next time.
Walleye Mafia Report 5/29/2015
I headed up to northern Door County yesterday to do some fishing with Paul. After launching out of Fish Creek, we headed out toward the islands to see if we could find some active walleye. I went through some numbers from the past couple years but we were unsuccessful in getting any of the fish that we marked to bite. I decided to try a new spot along the shoreline but again, no bites. We marked a tone of fish in all the areas we trolled but nothing wanted to bite any of the baits we had in the water.

 I figured that once the sun went down, the bite would be on so I made another move to an area where I had had some pretty good success in the past. I set all six rods up with different custom painted Husky Jerks from Walleye Wacker Lures. Each bait had some purple on it, but they were all different. My move paid off. The sun went down and the fishing got hot.  We made a couple passes along the shoreline and pulled some nice fish between 24" and 29". They all went back to fight another day.

 Since Paul had already had some success fishing from shore, we decided to go try some offshore structure and see what we could find. We concentrated on fishing in 10-15 FOW we went 6 for 10 on the first long pass over 2 different pieces of structure.  We picked up and started the pass over again and reeled in 8 more fish. What a blast. We decided to keep 10 smaller fish for the frying pan. All in all, it was a great trip back up to Door County and I can't wait to get back up there.

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